What time is it?

 As I prefer small and fast window managers, not so long time ago I started to use fluxbox. But, also, I like to see the current time. In fuxbox there's a small digital clock on the bar, but I didn't like it. Much more what I like is a simple xclock, but what all those windows are for?
 The convention of dockapp is the best (in my opinion) for such a clock. So, as I thought, I intended to write myself a small, fast and nice-looking dockapp with a clock.
 A short time after a new idea came to me: why not use this clock for the alarm-purpose? It's sometimes usefull and maybe it won't be to many work for me...
 The next idea was a counting-down clock. When I have to wait f.e. 30 minutes for something, isn't it the easiest way to click on my on-screen clock and set 30-minutes alarm?

 I have called this project dockclock. It's allready on sourceforge, on CVS. And a tarball of releases will be putted there. WHen the project would be a little closer to the 1.0 version, I will also make a binary packages for Debian, Slackware and RedHat distributions.
 This page will be used to place some news about this project, some screenshots and such a things. Cause the program is not very big and complex, don't expect this page to be such ;-)
 If you have any sugestions, feel free to post me an email


10-02-2002: From here you can now download every-night from CVS generated tarballs. But - remamber - they are not releases, use them on your own risk.

09-26-2002: first, initial release is made, you can get it on sourceforge. It's 0.1, the mega-unstable one, without many features. Just for the tests.
09-24-2002: dockclock is now on CVS, but only in CVS.
09-23-2002: First lines of code appear.